Summer Supply List for Dogs

Memorial Day Weekend unofficially kicked off summer - are you ready for a season of fun in the sun with your pup? Check out our summer essentials list to make sure you're prepared.

  • Travel water bowl (with lots of water on hand at all times!)
  • Pup pool or sprinkler to turn your backyard into a water park
  • Safety restraint for summer road trips
  • Canine life vest for boat days, ocean swims and more
  • Proper fencing in your yard such as secured gates and fences around in-ground pools
  • Ingredients for these tasty summer treats
  • Sun protection dog shirt or pet-friendly sunscreen,¬†especially for the nose and ears and dogs with short or light hair.
  • Tick and heartworm prevention - chat with your vet about what your dog needs
  • Poop bags for outdoor adventures
  • Basic pet first aid kit *just in case*
  • Thundershirt to keep them calm during summer thunderstorms
  • Booties for rough terrain or if your dog is particularly sensitive to warm pavement
  • Shaded area if your dog spends time outside
  • Travel towel to clean up from swims or romps in the mud
  • Cooling shirt, vest or mat to beat the heat
  • Floating dog toys for water fun

Remember, no matter what activities you and your pup enjoy this summer, it's never safe to leave a dog alone in a car. It only takes a few minutes for the inside of a car to reach dangerous temperatures.