Make Valentine's Day With Your Dog Something to Remember

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and what better way to celebrate than with your loved ones. It’s so easy to get swept away with the glitz and glam of Valentine’s Day, but sometimes it’s just as sweet to stay home and celebrate with another special someone, your dog!

If you’re looking to make Valentine’s Day special for your pup, there are plenty of options to show your love. However you choose to spend the day, we hope you enjoy it with someone you love.

Here are the reasons why your dog can be the best Valentine:

  • Your dog will never stand you up for your Valentine’s Day date, will be on time, and won’t be distracted by a cell phone or social media!
  • Your dog will be happy to spend the night in, watching a movie and snuggling – you won’t have to get dressed up, face long waits at restaurants, or have the expense of a Valentine’s Day meal out.
  • Your dog’s goodnight kiss may be a little stinky and sloppy, but it will show his unconditional love toward you.
  • Dogs don’t expect a shiny, fancy present, flowers, or chocolates for Valentine’s Day. They’ll enjoy your undivided attention.

Try out one of these sweet ways to spoil your dog on Valentine’s Day:

  • Teach your dog a fun new trick for Valentine’s Day like giving hugs or kisses, saying “I love you” (or just three short woofs), or holding hands.
  • Make a special meal for your pup using his dog food, bone broth, and canned sweet potatoes or pumpkin (no sweetener – natural or artificial).
  • For a sweet treat, you can share a banana peanut butter cupcake made with flour, bananas, peanut butter (no sweetener – natural or artificial), and eggs.
  • Get a festive collar or bandana and take a sweet photo with your pup.
  • You don’t even have to drink alone! Did you know there are dog-safe mocktails, beer, wine, and champagne? Check out and for options for your pup on this special day.
  • Shower your pup with love, play time, and a new toy.
  • Watch a dog movie together showing the loving side of pets: check out Netflix’s Dogs, or a classic like Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey, or All Dogs Go to Heaven. If you want to learn more about the dog-human bond, check out National Geographic’s Science of Dogs.
  • Read a book on the dog-human bond together like How Dogs Love Us by Gregory Berns or How Dogs Think by Stanley Coren.

Spread the Love

  • Consider volunteering at a local shelter or rescue to give a little extra love to homeless pups.
  • Donate to the Bow Wow Buddies Foundation to help sick and injured dogs receive the medial attention they need.