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Pittsburgh Highland Park Team

From the individualized care our canine-loving staff provides to playtime with other four-legged friends, your dog has never had this much fun! Our team understands the key elements to a happy pup and we find great joy in incorporating them into our daily activities. We believe every single one of our Campers deserves premier treatment, which is why you'll receive all of the great benefits of Camp at one upfront cost.

  • Photo of Barbara & Jordan Years Open: 6
    Barbara & Jordan Owner Years Open: 6 See Full Bio
    Photo of Barbara & Jordan Years Open: 6
    Barbara & Jordan Years Open: 6 Owner

    In 2005, my wife Barb and I were both working for BNY Mellon Financial in the foreign currency area. We had 2 dogs at home whom we would never trust to stay in a kennel. We would travel frequently and always leave them with Barb's parents. However Barb's parents were getting old and it was becoming a hardship for them. At the same time we had been looking for a business that would provide some diversification in our jobs. While we were looking at numerous businesses we stumbled across Camp Bow Wow. At the time there were only 11 locations open but we were intrigued by the concept of all-day-play daycare for the dogs, the private cabins at night at the ability to watch our dogs online when we traveled. The online cameras were especially valuable as we no longer had to take the word of the kennel on how the dogs were treated during their stay. I flew out to Colorado immediately and discovered that the facilities were even better than we imagined. We saw how professional, caring and fun the Camp Bow Wow locations were and knew we had to be a part of it. Finally, a place we would actually want to take our dogs in Pittsburgh! We immediately signed up for 2 location licenses. We opened our first location in Green Tree, 6 months later in Nov 2005 which was the 12th Camp Bow Wow.

    Our Greentree location was an immediate success. At the time we needed to explain to the public what dog daycare and all-day-play boarding was about as no one was offering these services at the time but Pittsburghers quickly warmed to the concept. Pittsburghers love their dogs! We won the Best New Pup award from Camp Bow Wow the following year four our success.

    In Nov 2008 we opened our second location in Ross Township. At this time there were about 75 Camps around the country. Despite the terrible economic downturn people still showed up to let us take care of their most prized companions. In 2009 Barb left BNY Mellon to join me in the business and it truly became a family business. We had our growing pains in learning to work together but it has definitely made us a stronger family.

    In May 2012 we were fortunate enough to be able to open our third Camp Bow Wow in Highland Park. We were the first franchisee in the Camp Bow Wow system to open 3 locations. We were about the 100th Camp to open at that point. Highland Park has been even better than we expected; it consistently has one of the top number of days per day in the Camp Bow Wow system! We won the Best of the Burgh for pet care services 7 years in a row. I think our safety, quality and fun atmosphere speaks for itself when Pittsburgh supports us as they have.

    As we celebrate our 10 year anniversary of Camp Bow Wow in Pittsburgh, We also celebrate the opening of our fourth franchise in Monroeville. Every Camp Bow Wow we have built has been better than the last, and this one is no different. We offer full service grooming, dog training, high definition webcams, luxury suites, special teacup play yards and all the other wonderful features Camp Bow Wow is know for here in Pittsburgh. We are excited to be able to take care of even more of our furry friends in the Pittsburgh market!

    Giving back to the community has always been an important interest for us. We worked with Humane Animal Rescue (formerly Western PA Humane society) to win a $50,000 shelter makeover grant to rehab their shelter. In 2007 we started throwing an annual Monte-Carlo night fundraiser to benefit the Humane Animal Rescue and Bow Wow Buddies Foundation. Over the past 10 years we have raised more than $100,000 for this great cause!

  • Photo of Caitlin Years With Camp Bow Wow: 6
    Caitlin Regional Manager Years With Camp Bow Wow: 6 See Full Bio
    Photo of Caitlin Years With Camp Bow Wow: 6
    Caitlin Years With Camp Bow Wow: 6 Regional Manager

    Skills and Experience

    Background: I have a Bachelors degree in Business from The University of Pittsburgh, taken courses at Dale Carnegie and Skill Path and I have worked in the dog industry for over 13 years now.
    Additional Skills/Qualifications: Certified in pet first aid & CPR, trained in dog behavior and play yard management. Have done dog hydrotherapy, and cared for special needs dogs. Also graduated as a Certified Dog Trainer.

    Fun Facts

    What I love most about my job: EVERYTHING! I love being about to help create a safe place where a dog can be a dog and have fun and the parents can feel at ease that their dog is being well taken care of and getting lots of love. I treat every dog that walks through our doors as my own so it makes my dreams of having a ton of dogs a reality.
    My pets: I currently have 4 dogs at home: Tierra (Siberian Husky), Charlie (Lab X), Trudy (Siberian husky), and Duke (mutt). I also have a Bunny named Peppy.

  • Photo of Michele Years With Camp Bow Wow: 3.5
    Michele Camp Director Years With Camp Bow Wow: 3.5 See Full Bio
    Photo of Michele Years With Camp Bow Wow: 3.5
    Michele Years With Camp Bow Wow: 3.5 Camp Director

    Skills and Experience

    Background: I have been working with dogs for over 10 years. I did hydro therapy for dogs before joining Camp Bow Wow.
    Additional Skills/Qualifications: Certified in pet first aid & CPR, trained in dog behavior and play yard management.

    Fun Facts

    What I love most about my job: I get to wake up and work with the one passion in my life, dogs. I love each and every fur kid that comes through our doors like they are my own. I make sure that they get top notch care and are spoiled rotten everyday.

    My pets: I have a 12 year Pit Bull named Carmen. She and my son are the loves of my life.

    Here's Is What Her Team Has To Say!

    "I don't know who Michele loves more her employees, or the dogs. Either way it's clear that this is her passion, love her!" -Nick

    "Michele is by far one of the best managers I've ever had the opportunity to work for. Her ability to make both her employee and campers smile makes her one of the best personalities I've ever met." -Donald

    "Michele has such a loving heart. She loves all of her dogs, clients, and employees. She cares so much that she would do anything for us. She's a hard worker and loves her job." -Tonja

    "I'm inspired by Michele's passion for dogs and her passion for people. Her humanity is beyond reproach." -Cynthia

    "Michele has so much passion and courage to make everything at CBW run smoothly. I appreciate her big heart and everything she does for her employees and clients." -Mackenzie

    "I love that Michele goes after what she's truly passionate about. I look up to her and all that she's done." -Chelsea

    "Michele puts her heart and soul into CBW and we all appreciate that!" -Jamie

    "Michele is definitely one of the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. The love and passion that she has for her job is inspiring. She always has a smile on her face even when things aren't going so smoothly. She's not only an awesome manager but, an all around great person." -Johnathan

    "The first time I walked into CBW and met Michele I loved her. As I got to know her I now look up to her for how hard working and compassionate she is. I love her passion and enthusiasm she has for her campers and employees. She inspires me to work hard and be my best and I'm honored to work with her." -Katie

    "Thank you so, so much for the opportunity to work at camp! It's changed my life in so many ways. Not only are you running two camps but, you also find the time to get your hands dirty and help us out in your extra busy but bougie schedule. Again, thank you for everything you do for us." -Ben

    "Michele if any one in this world appreciates you, it's me!!! I love you camp and I love you." -Joanie

    "To Michele, I can't thank you enough for being so caring and understanding. I've never had a job that I actually enjoyed going to and that's all because of you. We appreciate every single thing you do to make our job easier." -Haley

    "Michele is the best manager I've ever had and her passion still impresses me. Michele cares so much for every single employee and dog that comes into CBW and she deserves not only employee of the month but, employee of the year!" -Zoe

    "Michele is awesome! She definitely cares about the dogs and her employees. She goes above and beyond to make sure all of her employees are safe. She is the most caring person I've met. Best manager!" -Ashely

    "Michele is incredibly easy to talk to and she always makes time for us no matter how long and crazy of a day she's had. She is always willing to share her knowledge with us. She truly loves these dogs and is the best manager I've ever worked with and somehow manages to be a great mom also." -Leah

    "Anyone who's talked with Michele knows that she's got a great personality. She's fun to be around and easy to talk to, and compassionate for others. She's also a really hard worker, a go getter, and a problem solver. She can handle anything thrown her way but, will gladly lend a hand to help you as well. Michele's the best, hands down!" -Tim

  • Photo of Brandice Years With Camp Bow Wow: 5
    Brandice Assistant Camp Director Years With Camp Bow Wow: 5 See Full Bio
    Photo of Brandice Years With Camp Bow Wow: 5
    Brandice Years With Camp Bow Wow: 5 Assistant Camp Director

    Skills and Experience

    Background: I've been officially working with animals since 2008 but, have been a volunteer and pet mom since as early as I can remember.
    Additional Skills/Qualifications: I am certified in pet CPR and first aid, as well as play yard management. I have a pretty detailed background in dog training but, wanted to pursue a different career with animals.

    Fun Facts

    What I love most about my job: My job is amazing! I cannot say enough great things about the staff I work with nor the dogs. This is a place that we come to on a daily basis with a smile on our faces no matter what- those butt wiggles are enough to make anyone smile! The dog of course, is the most rewarding part for me. My mother always told me that she knew I'd grow up to work in the animal field and she hit the nail right on the head. Animals are my life- they always have been, always will be. My mission in life is to help every single animal that I can- and I will.
    My pets: I have 4 Pitbull Terriers, 3 Domestic cats, 1 hamster, 1 snake, and 4 Chinese Crested Geckos and they are my pride and joy.

  • Photo of Mackenzie Years With Camp Bow Wow: 4
    Mackenzie Camp Counselor Years With Camp Bow Wow: 4 See Full Bio
    Photo of Mackenzie Years With Camp Bow Wow: 4
    Mackenzie Years With Camp Bow Wow: 4 Camp Counselor

    Skills and Experience

    Background: I have always loved animals... dogs especially! When I found out about Camp Bow Wow I knew it was the perfect place for me.
    Additional Skills/Qualifications: I am certified in pet first aid & CPR and play yard management.

    Fun Facts

    What I love most about my job: What I love most about my job is that it’s such a fun environment and makes it so easy coming into work everyday to spend time with all the loving dogs! Unconditional hugs and kisses.. how could you pass that up!
    My pets: I have four dogs at home. Buddy 9 year old Shih Tzu, Rocco 4 year old German Shepherd, Nahla 2 year old Pittbull/Boxer Mix, and Meeko 1 year old Siberian Husky.

  • “Great staff, professional, friendly and welcoming. Immaculate environment and expert care for your Camper.”

    - Joanne C.

  • “I love how comfortable the staff made us feel leaving our Duke there for the first time!! Everyone is so friendly, I know he's in great care when at Camp Bow Wow!! Duke is always excited now before we even get into the parking lot!! I also LOVE the pet cameras!! They really are addicting to watch, but it's so fun seeing him running around and having fun!! We love Camp Bow Wow & can't wait to come back!”

    - Kelly R.

  • “A very kind and caring staff! I always feel secure knowing that the staff truly love my dog and that they will make sure he is happy and comfortable during his stay. They are the best!”

    - Su-Kim C.

  • “I absolutely love this place. They take incredible care of my dog. They make her welcome and I feel comfortable knowing she is well taken care of. Recommend to anyone who has a dog.”

    - Kimberly S.

  • “Staff is always very friendly and knows my dog, facilities are always clean, the webcams allow us to check our dog's activity, and hours cover my work day. Most importantly, my dog LOVES going to Camp! When she hears us on the phone making reservations for play, or hears us say "Camp", she grabs her leash with such excitement she moves furniture in her path as she heads for the door!”

    - Terri S.

  • “Super friendly team of staff! Very kind, caring, accommodating, flexible. They loved my dog and treated her like their own. I will be back!”

    - Holly H.

  • “The staff is always helpful and kind. I know when I leave my dogs at Camp Bow Wow they will be taken care of, have a great time and come home worn out from playing all day. I love the Camper Cams so I can check in on them!”

    - Hayley L.

  • “Camp Bow Wow is fabulous...they are passionate about their work, always happy to see our pup, and take great care of it for day Camp or overnight. We love Camp Bow Wow!”

    - Angelica M.

  • “We know our dogs are in trusted hands at Camp Bow Wow. They always have fun playing with their "friends" and we love being able to check in on them throughout the day”

    - Nicole J.

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