Top Blog Posts from 2019

Now that we're officially in 2020, we rounded up our most viewed blog posts from 2019 just in case you missed them! Check out bite sized version below or click on the link to read the full post.

1. How to Show Your Dog Love this Valentine's Day

More often than not, how we express our love for dogs does not resonate with their "canine mentality". When it comes to showing dogs just how much they mean to us, it's important to understand how to do so in ways they can understand. With Valentine's Day upon us, here are just a few tips:

  • Snuggle it out. As pack animals, dogs feel comfortable and secure with close contact. If you allow your dog to sleep in bed with you, then you are displaying the ultimate sign of affection because you are the most vulnerable when you sleep. If you prefer to keep your bed dog-free, don't worry because any cozy spot provides great opportunities for snuggles.
  • Gaze into their eyes. Dogs express themselves through their facial expressions and over time, they have learned to recognize humans' as well. How crazy is that? In a recent study, dogs displayed the capability to respond to positive, negative and neutral facial expressions of humans. Try it out yourself! Next time you look at your pup, raise your eyebrows and see if they wag their tail.
  • Gently rub your dog's ears. Did you know that dogs' ears are full of nerve endings? They send impulses throughout the body and if you gently rub their ears, you will trigger the release of endorphins. Try it out and watch your pup melt into a ball of happiness.

2. Make the 4th of July Safe, Not Scary for Your Pup

While the 4th of July is a fun time for humans, it can be a scary time for our dogs. In fact, more dogs are lost on the 4th of July than any other day of the year. Many dogs become fearful or anxious which may cause them to escape or injure themselves. Here are just a few tips to keep your pup safe on or around Independence Day:

  • Don’t take your dog to any event, new location or fireworks show – the crowds, noise and darkness can cause a dog to panic.
  • Remove outdoor access for your dog during the peak firework times – dogs who might venture out to a yard could panic and jump a fence to escape.
  • Make sure your dog has a collar and ID tags on.

3. Making Vet Visits less Scary

Let’s be honest, vet visits aren’t always fun for pets. They can be stressful and scary, both for the pet and the human! However, they are necessary for our pets’ health. If you can work with your dog and your veterinary team to provide a better experience, you can ease the stress and turn vet visits into a positive scenario.

4. What is Enrichment for Dogs?

Enrichment is all about allowing animals to express natural behavior in a safe, healthy, and positive way. When you provide dogs the opportunity to use their senses to investigate, explore, and experience different smells, textures, sounds, tastes, and sights, it can improve their quality of life, engage them mentally, and support their ability to adapt, cope, recover, and thrive!

5. Read this Before Naming Your Next Dog

With 3.2 million dog visits each year at Camp Bow Wow, we’ve heard just about every name possible. According to Psychology Today, there are a few things that the most popular dog names have in common:

  • Humanization: Farewell Fido! These days, the majority of common dog names are human names
  • Length: Most popular dog names have two syllables
  • Ending: Half of the most common dog names end in the long “ee” vowel sound, such as Bailey or Lucy