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For Pittsburgh Highland Park

  • Reggie

    February Camper of the Month


    Reggie is an almost 2-year-old German shepherd with a big heart and desire to play! He loves to romp around with his fur friends and is never shy about making new ones. Watching him grow has been a blessing!

  • Molly

    February Member of the Month


    Molly is a 7-year-old Plott Hound who loves attention and treats! She’s a longtime member and staple sight here at Highland Park. Sometime aloof and always affectionate she is truly one of a kind with a big personality. Camp wouldn’t be the same without her!

  • Maggie

    January Camper of the Month


    Maggie, an almost 10-year-old Basenji, is a longtime member here at camp. She is a sweetheart who loves attention from her non furry friends. She loves her naps but still enjoys a good play session when she can find that special furry friend. She's still spritely for a veteran, and every day she's here is made better!

  • Luna

    January Member of the Month


    Luna, a 1-year-old Australian Shepherd, is a very playful and enthusiastic camper. She loves to spend her days here at camp looking for her next best playmate. She is also one of our very own training graduates. We've been excited to see her grow, and every day she is here is an exciting day!

  • Beaux

    December Member of the Month


    Beaux is our member of the month. He is a 3 1/2-year-old Shih Tzu and a long-time camper since December 2017. Beaux is Cuddly and Sweet. We are always happy to see Beaux and so are all of his camp friends

  • Daisy

    December Camper of the Month


    Daisy is our camper of the month. She is a 1 3/4-year-old golden retriever. Even though she is a young gal herself, we consider Daisy to be the mama of the pack!

  • Bryzzo

    November Member of the Month


    Bryzzo is a 3 ½ year old shih tzu and a longtime member here at camp, with a contagious smile and cheerful personality that brings joy to all the staff. He is best friends with our other camper of the month Kona. The two always excitedly greet each other in the morning whenever they see one another. Later they nap together on the bridge. Bryzzo loves the staff and always accepts cuddles and kisses.

  • Kona

    November Camper of the Month


    Kona is a 2 ½ year old Alaskan Klee Klei and a longtime regular here at camp. She loves to play and always enjoys her days finding a willing pup to engage her in her extracurricular activities. She is best friends with our member otm Bryzzo. She enthusiastically and vocally greets him every morning, excited she gets to see her best friend again. You won’t find a more active teacup pup than her.

  • Melo

    October Member of the Month


    Melo is our member of the month. Melo is always so happy to come to camp. He greets us with big smiles and full body wags. He is definitely loved by all the staff. He is protective over camp and always alerts us when there is a stranger in the building! LOL So in other words he is our guard dog here but loves everybody!

  • Jake

    October Camper of the Month


    Jake is like family here; he has been attending camp since 2015. We love his mom Robin too. He's always happy to come to camp and we are always happy to have him.

  • Jake

    September Member of the Month


    Jake is a 1-and-a-half-year-old lab. He is a recent transfer to our camp but a CBW veteran. He is full of excitement, and brings that passion for play every day he is here. A big fan of all things water, Jake doesn’t mind going for a swim. We’re happy to have him join our pack.

  • Ty

    September Camper of the Month


    Ty is a 1-year old pit bull. He is a sweetheart who loves to play and loves his human friends just as much. He is always so happy when he greets us in the morning. A recent addition to our pack, and we’re very happy to have him come and spend his days with us.

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