Meet the Managers: 3 Camp Bow Wow Rockstars

Woman sitting outside Camp with her dog

At Camp Bow Wow, every day is filled with wagging tails, playful barks, and boundless energy as dedicated team members strive to provide exceptional care for our furry friends. In this blog, we'll shine a spotlight on three remarkable managers who have made Camp Bow Wow their home away from home.

From Wisconsin to Colorado to New Mexico, these managers bring their passion for dogs and their wealth of experience to ensure every pup has a paw-sitively wonderful time. Join us as we delve into the daily lives of Leah Boshart, Jenna Rogers, and Sally Staub, who epitomize the spirit of love and commitment at Camp Bow Wow.

Leah Boshart - Oak Creek & Waukesha, Wisconsin

Leah Boshart's passion for working with animals began in the 5th grade when she started volunteering at her local zoo in central Illinois. After obtaining a degree in animal behavior from Carroll University in Waukesha, Wisconsin, Leah embarked on her Camp Bow Wow journey in 2013. Initially working as a part-time Counselor while also employed at the zoo, Leah's dedication led her to become the Waukesha Camp Director in 2016. With the opening of a second location in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, Leah was promoted to Area Director, responsible for managing both Camps.

Beyond her Camp Bow Wow responsibilities, Leah actively engages with the community, supporting local animal shelters through fundraising efforts and donations. The bonds she has formed with Campers, their parents, and her team members have transcended conventional customer and co-worker relationships, creating a tight-knit community within Camp Bow Wow.

Leah's advice to new team members is to take their time and breathe, reminding them that there is a lot to learn. She assures them the dogs make it all worth it, making it a joy to come to work every day!

Jenna Rogers - Longmont, Colorado

Jenna Rogers brings over 20 years of pet care experience to her role as the General Manager for both the Longmont and Westminster Colorado Camp Bow Wows. With a background as a Veterinary Technician, Animal Care Supervisor for the Humane Society, and Manager of Banfield Pet Hospital, Jenna's love for animals shines through her work!

The relationships Jenna has fostered with both the Campers and their parents hold a special place in her heart. Leveraging her industry connections, Jenna has successfully increased Camp Bow Wow's involvement with local animal organizations, furthering its goal of promoting the welfare and happiness of dogs.

For new team members, Jenna advises them to savor their time with the dogs and be like a sponge, absorbing as much knowledge and experience as possible.

Sally Staub - Albuquerque, New Mexico

Sally Staub's journey at Camp Bow Wow began five years ago when she joined as a Camp Counselor. Over the years, her dedication and love for dogs and the Camp Bow Wow family propelled her upward, and she is now the General Manager of the Albuquerque Camp. One heartwarming aspect of Sally's story is her special bond with Persephone, a Pitt Bull Terrier who was found as a stray by a customer of the Camp. Sally adopted Persephone, and it became a testament to the strong connections formed within the Camp Bow Wow community.

As a psychology graduate, Sally finds immense joy in learning about various dog behaviors and personalities. Although it can be challenging, she particularly enjoys the interview process when meeting new Campers for the first time. Sally emphasizes the valuable training and support she has received from Houndquarters, especially during her time at Camp Ops, where she underwent comprehensive training to enhance her skills as a manager.

Sally advises new employees at Camp Bow Wow to be patient and take their time to learn the processes. She encourages them not to hesitate to seek guidance and support, as both the dogs and their human companions may have off days, requiring a compassionate and understanding approach!

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Our franchises thrive on the dedication and passion of their Camp Counselors and managers. Through the stories of Sally, Leah, and Jenna, we witness the unwavering commitment to providing exceptional care for all pups that Camp Bow Wow team members possess. From the joy of learning about dog behaviors to the lasting connections formed within the Camp Bow Wow community, these managers exemplify the values that make our Camps a haven for our beloved furry companions. So, let us celebrate the team members who love their jobs and are committed to the well-being of every pup — because at Camp Bow Wow, we’re all about Making Dogs Happy!

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