The First 4 Commands Your Puppy Should Learn

Dog looking up at owner while sitting

Teaching Your Pup Commands

If you’re a new puppy parent, it’s important to start training your pup as soon as possible. Teaching them the basics – like how to sit, stay, heel, and come – will make life much easier for both of you. In this blog post, we will discuss why these commands are so important and give you a few tips on how to train your puppy. Let’s get started!


Teaching your puppy to sit on command is a great way to help him or her learn that they must obey you when given commands. A great time to practice this command is during mealtimes, as the pup will naturally be interested in the food and more likely to stay in place while you give them their meal.


Teaching your pup to stay is important as it helps them understand that they must remain in one place even when something exciting is happening around them. This command can be especially useful for calming a puppy down during times of excitement or stress.


The “heel” command teaches your pup how to follow you and stay close to you when walking. This is useful for both safety reasons as well as a way to keep them from getting too excited or running away during walks.


The “come” command is probably one of the most important commands that your pup should learn. Teaching your pup to come when called will help ensure that they stay safe and always know where you are.

Training Tips

Now that we’ve discussed why these commands are important, let’s talk about how to train your pup. First and foremost, it is important to ensure that your puppy has plenty of treats or rewards on hand as positive reinforcement during training sessions.

Additionally, use short and simple commands that your puppy is likely to understand (such as “sit” or “stay”) and reward them for following the command. Finally, keep training sessions short and upbeat so that your pup doesn’t get too overwhelmed or discouraged.

By teaching these four basic commands to your new pup, you will be setting them up for a lifetime of successful training and obedience. With patience, consistency, and treats, you’ll have your pup following commands in no time!

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