Check Out These Cone Alternatives

dog with inflatable donut on it

Say Goodbye to the Cone of Shame

The dreaded cone of shame. If you're a dog parent, you know all about it. That hard, plastic cone that your pup must wear after surgery, or an injury can be a real pain - both for your dog and you. Trying to keep your furry friend from licking or chewing their wound can be a challenge, but don't worry - we've got some alternative options for you! In this piece, we'll show you some great alternatives to the cone that will help keep your pup comfortable and healing properly.

Inflatable Collars

These are a great option for dogs who are small or medium-sized. They're soft, comfortable, and can be easily adjusted to the perfect fit. They also allow your dog to eat, drink, and sleep more normally - something that's not always possible with the cone.

Recovery Suits

A recovery suit may be a better option for dogs that have stitches or wounds on their stomach. They provide full coverage of your dog's body without restricting mobility or vision. Plus, they're easily adjustable and come in a variety of sizes to fit your pup perfectly.

Fabric Collars

Fabric collars are a great alternative to the standard hard, plastic cone. They're soft, comfortable, and won't irritate your dog's skin. And, like inflatable collars, they allow your pup to eat, drink, and sleep more normally.

Make your pup a little more comfortable post-treatment with one of these cone of shame alternatives! Before making your selection, it's always best to speak to your vet to ensure your choice will work for your pup's situation. Happy healing to your doggo!

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