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does daylight saving time affect my dog?

Does Daylight Saving Time Affect My Dog?

Does Daylight Saving Time Affect My Dog?

With the spring season comes Daylight Saving Time! While humans prepare to spring forward and change our clocks on March 13th, our pups, unfortunately, don’t get the memo that their everyday schedule is about to shift.

While Daylight Savings means a lost hour of sleep for us, our dogs may have an even harder time adjusting to the time change. We’re here to bring some of the schedule shifts your dog may find troubling to adapt to, so you can prepare accordingly!

Bathroom Breaks

Many owners take their pups out first thing in the morning. After Daylight Savings, your dog may be hesitant to jump out of bed to go on their walk due to the time change. They may be confused about the difference in schedule, not have to use the restroom quite yet, or even refuse their early morning walk. It may take a couple of days for your dog to adjust to the new schedule!

Scheduled Meals

If your dog eats at a specific time each day, they may be confused with the early feedings after Daylight Savings. They may not be ready to eat for the day, so try to give them some time to adapt to their new meal routine.

Quality Time

After Daylight Savings, it can appear that you’re leaving extra early for work in the mornings, causing unexpected anxiety for your dog as they’ll be unacclimated to your new quality time routine. Pay extra attention to your dog’s needs throughout the days following Daylight Saving Time to ensure they feel comforted throughout the time change.

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