Why Millenials Are Opting for Pups Over Parenthood

woman cuddling dog

Our cherished pets are undoubtedly adorable, but their increasing popularity signifies some more reasons why more Millennials are opting for pet ownership over parenthood. For some pet parents, trading chew toys for bath toys, and dog parks for playgrounds doesn't sound like the ideal lifestyle transition.

While opting for a child-free lifestyle is a recently popular way of living, those individuals often take care of their pets as if they were children. From buying holiday gifts for their precious pup to baking their pet some natural treats, today's pet parents go above and beyond to make their furry best friends feel loved and cared for.

In today's blog, we'll be diving into some of the most common reasons today's Millennials are choosing to stick with pet parenthood. Keep reading to learn more!

Prioritizing Career

One of the most common reasons pet ownership is growing in popularity is its flexibility with careers. Millennials make up a considerable percentage of the workforce, with many maintaining a career-focused mindset.

Work consumes a majority of their time, leading more individuals to opt for pets over children. After the end of a stressful workday, there's nothing like a cheerful pup to meet them at the door!


While your dog does require a certain amount of attention and care, it's nowhere near the constant monitoring a child would require. For instance, pet parents have the freedom and flexibility to plan nights out on the town without worrying about hiring a babysitter. Just remember to get home promptly so your beloved pet won't be anxiously awaiting your return!

Mental Health Benefits

Your pup is definitely a cute companion to have by your side, but they're also a great support system to lean on in stressful times. With burnout affecting a considerable percentage of today's working class, parenthood's additional stress and responsibilities can seem daunting to Millennials. Dogs are a great way to alleviate stress and loneliness when you need some help staying afloat throughout tough work weeks.

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