Helping Your Dog and Cat Get Along

dog and cat playing

How Your Cat and Dog Can Become Pals

We all know the old “tail” of the cat and the dog not getting along. This trope, however, doesn’t have to be the case! There are many things that you as a pet parent can do to help your fur babies not only coexist but become friends along the way.

Consider Personalities

Contrary to popular belief, breed doesn’t always matter when pairing up a cat and a dog; their personalities have more of an effect! Before adopting your new cat or pup, learn as much as you can about their personality and past. Have they lived with other animals before? Are they mellow or active?

Choosing pets with similar personalities will go a long way in helping them get along.

Train Your Pup Properly

We all know how playful puppies can be. They love to get into things, chase, and are always looking to have fun. Before introducing your kitty to your dog, be sure your pup is properly trained.

By teaching your doggo to listen to commands, you will be able to keep them under control and avoid spooking the cat.

Give Them Their Own Territories

Cats are very proud and territorial creatures. In order to feel in control, they need a spot that is truly their own to retreat to as they become tired or overwhelmed. Give them this space and allow them to become accustomed to it before meeting their new puppy companion.

You should also do your best to keep their food, water, and toys separate as they may be overprotective of their belongings.

Plan Their First Meeting

The first time Max and Fluffy meet should be carefully planned. One way to do this is to put each of them on opposite sides of a closed door at feeding time. They will not see each other, but they will be able to smell each other. Give them their food and allow them to eat in this position. This will help them associate the smell of dinner time with the scent of their new friend!

When they’re ready to see each other for the first time, keep your pup on a leash and allow them to slowly feel each other out. Soon, they’ll be best pals!

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