Let’s Talk Dog Button Communication

dog pressing button


As a dog parent, you’ve likely seen videos and articles floating around about dog buttons and how pups are using them to speak with their owners. The thought of speaking with your most beloved furry companion is exciting! However, let’s take a closer look at this complex training system and see whether or not it’s right for you and your pup.

What Are Dog Buttons?

When pressed, dog buttons play a recorded word out loud for you and your dog to hear. These words could include potty, outside, stranger, hungry, or walk. These buttons are used by pet parents in an attempt to help their pets communicate with them and encourage pets to express their needs and feelings.

Using Them Properly

While these buttons can be a fun learning tool, it is essential that pet parents don’t use them in place of proper training. Getting to know your dog’s body language and subtle quirks is an essential part of communication that helps establish a healthy relationship between pet parents and their pets.

This combined with positive training methods is ideal for solid human-pet communication. Reliance on buttons alone may minimize the need to understand your dog’s body language.

If you are thinking about giving this tool a try, keep in mind that dog buttons should be used as a fun learning tool and not in place of pet parent education and training with your dog. This learning experience also requires a lot of time and effort in order to get a solid communication flow, so don’t become too frustrated if you are not seeing results right away.

Dog Training Services

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