Back-To-School Season and Your Dog

Dog greeting kid with backpack

Whether your kiddos are hitting the books this week or you still have a little time left of summer vacation, you’re likely beginning to adjust to the back-to-school season. As you buy supplies and help your child prepare, don’t forget to include your pup!

A Change in Schedule

Your dog just spent an entire summer at home surrounded by your kids playing, relaxing, and spending quality time together, and the sudden change in schedule one school is in session may take some adjusting for your dog.

Help them adjust by slowly changing your routine to fit the upcoming season. Move up bedtimes and switch up their feeding times if need be. Try to ease them into this change to avoid unwanted stress.

Don’t Forget Their Exercise!

Exercise is so important for pups, so try to keep up with your regular walks and playtime! Building early morning exercise will wear them out just in time for their alone time.

Keep Them Busy At Home

Give your dog something more to do than lay around all day! Try finding new toys or puzzles that will keep their minds busy for a while. If there is any right time to spoil your pup, it’s when they have to adjust to big changes.

Get Them Involved

If you’re able to, why not involve your dog in some of the back-to-school fun? Some things you could do include:

  • Take them and the kids on a final summer activity at a place like a park or a beach.
  • Bring them along for school or extracurricular drop-offs and pick-ups.
  • Take them to the bus stop in the morning with you and the kids — just make sure they’re on a leash!

In the end, the best way to help your pup adjust to the school season is to pay attention and show them as much love as possible! Your dog loves the whole family and will be so excited to welcome you home every afternoon.

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