Doggy Day Cares Continue to Rise in Popularity

Camp Bow Wow Day Care

At first glance, a spike in pet adoptions may not seem like a natural side effect of the COVID-19 pandemic. But as people spent more time working from home and avoiding large social gatherings, it makes perfect sense that adoption rates soared in 2020.

Because dogs provide companionship, joy, and a sense of purpose to many people, shelters throughout the country found themselves facing a unique problem the past two years — a demand for pups so high that many shelters found themselves without any available.

New Pet Parents are Driving the Demand for Doggy Day Care

Despite a mandatory, but temporary, closure of many of our Camps during the start of COVID-19 in 2020, our franchise owners have continued to thrive thanks to a booming demand for day care.

Shruti and Aman Sibal are the proud owners of Camp Bow Wow Waco. Since opening one year ago, they’ve noticed that there’s a great demand for day care, especially among parents who are heading back to work and don’t want to leave their pup home alone all day. But even work-from-home parents are noticing the benefits of day care.

Brooke Taylor, the marketing manager at Camp Bow Wow Waco said that many pet parents are coming back to Camp Bow Wow, even if they plan to continue working from home. Often, this is because they work long hours and don’t have time to give their pup the attention, exercise, and stimulation they deserve throughout the day. Fortunately, that’s where Camp Bow Wow steps in! After all, our slogan is, “all-day play, snooze the night away®.”

Welcome to Camp Bow Wow Waco

When it comes to what you can expect from a doggy day care facility, Camp Bow Wow Waco goes above and beyond. From Waterpark Wednesday to a pool party each Friday and one-on-one cuddle time with Counselors, the opportunities for fun and care that dogs receive are invaluable.

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