Why Military Veterans Make Good Franchise Owners

Military veteran on computer

Did you know the International Franchise Association reports that about 15% of franchises in the U.S. are owned by a military veteran?

If you have friends or family who served in the military, you may not be surprised by that statistic — after all, veterans have the training, experience, and characteristics needed for a successful career in business ownership.

Military Veterans are Uniquely Positioned for Business Ownership

Veterans are easy to train and pick up new skills quickly.

Military veterans go through extensive training on operations they were previously unfamiliar with. This ability to quickly pick up a new skill will benefit franchise owners when they’re learning about the systems and procedures that are in place.

Veterans are self-motivated.

Military service is one of the most demanding jobs a person could have. Because of this, veterans tend to be self-motivated and driven. They understand what needs to be done in order to succeed, and are willing to put in the work.

Veterans have strong leadership skills.

Franchise owners are the leaders of their business — every employee relies on them to keep morale high, make decisions that are in the best interest of the business, and delegate important matters.

Veterans are well-organized and adaptable.

From managing day-to-day operations to big picture matters, franchise owners have to wear many different hats — because of this, they have to be very organized. And if there’s one thing a franchise owner knows, it’s that unexpected challenges will pop up from time to time. Veterans understand the importance of staying front-footed and prepared for unexpected situations.

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