Careful! Fleas Reach Their Peak in the Fall

Dog getting flea shot

Fall is here and that means three things: the sun will be setting earlier, temperatures will be dropping — and flea cases will be increasing?

That’s right, we’re not out of flea season just yet! Before you and your pup head outside to enjoy a long walk or hike through the woods, make sure you’re protecting them against unwanted fleas.

Why Fall is Peak Season for Fleas

When most people think about “flea season,” they tend to think of summer. While it’s true that fleas are present all summer, this is also when parents are at their most vigilant, keeping up with routine flea shots, using flea collars, and regularly checking their pup for bite marks.

But because so much of the flea conversation revolves around spring and summer, many parents assume that fleas start dying off the moment cooler weather rolls through. Therefore, they stop taking necessary measures to prevent fleas. It’s this thinking coupled with dogs spending more time outside that actually causes flea cases to spike in the fall.

Know the Signs and Symptoms of Fleas

Fleas are parasites that live in your dog’s coat and feed on their blood. Not only can they be very uncomfortable for your dog, but they also carry diseases. If your dog starts experiencing any of the following symptoms, check them for fleas immediately and schedule a visit with your veterinarian:

  • Excessive scratching, itching, and licking
  • Hair loss, especially around their tail or lower back
  • Red dots, known as flea bites
  • Scabs
  • Skin or ear infections

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