4 Ways to Reduce Your Pup’s Anxiety

Anxiety — it’s not just something us two-legged folks experience. Unbeknownst to many dog parents, a change in your pup’s behavior isn’t just him “acting out” and may actually be a sign of stress or anxiety.

Dogs understand a lot more than we sometimes give them credit for. Especially over these past few months as more pet parents have been working from home and their pups’ activities have been canceled, he can tell that something is off.

Reducing Stress and Anxiety in Your Dog

1. Music Therapy

Dogs respond to music very similarly to humans in that there are some songs that excite them and some that help them relax. If you’ll be gone for a few hours or notice that your dog is showing signs of stress (yawning, panting while resting, whimpering, destroying furniture, or wide-eyed look) turn calming music or white noise on. This can also help distract him from outside noises he may be scared of, like fireworks, construction, or car horns.

2. Exercise

Every pet parent knows the importance of daily walks, but that might not be enough for your energetic pup. Because anxiety can manifest as excessive energy, taking your dog out to play ball, for a run, or on a long walk can be helpful.

3. Regular Social Interaction

Especially if your pup spends most of his time inside and alone, you may notice him suffer from social anxiety when in new places and around new people. Dogs need regular social interaction with humans and other pups to keep them mentally sharp, focused, and comfortable with new experiences. When you send your pup to Day Care at Camp Bow Wow, you can ensure that he is getting all the love, attention, exercise, and socialization he needs!

4. A Well-Balanced Diet

Every few years, you should revisit your dog’s food to ensure he is getting the nutrition he needs at each stage of his life. And while we know it’s tempting when he gives you those puppy dog eyes (literally), avoid giving your dog too many treats throughout the day.

While the above suggestions have been shown to work for many dogs, it’s important to speak with your veterinarian before making any major lifestyle or dietary changes.*

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