Camp Bow Wow Names Todd Houghton the New Vice President of Operations

Earlier this year, Camp Bow Wow had the honor of appointing Todd Houghton our newest Vice President of Operations (VPO)!

Throughout his career, Todd focused on operational initiatives, so we knew there was no one better for the job of enhancing our operational support structure for franchises. During his time as VPO, Todd’s main focus will be on creating new technologies and innovative processes designed to improve efficiencies within the company.

Welcoming Our New VPO Todd Houghton

"We're thrilled to welcome Todd to Camp Bow Wow and are confident that his decades of experience in the franchise business will serve as an asset to optimize our operations support and drive franchise owner profitability," said Julie Turner, President of Camp Bow Wow.

"With over 170 Camps across the United States and Canada, Todd will be instrumental in amplifying our strategic and sustainable operations."

Leading Camp Bow Wow to a Bright Future

"Joining the largest pet care franchise is an incredible opportunity. I'm excited to create an exceptional experience for our franchise owners and customers by establishing process-driven operations for the brand," said Todd.

But Todd is a lot more than just a forward-thinking leader, he’s also a dog-loving pet parent like the rest of us!

"As a pet parent myself, I'm truly passionate about the services we provide Campers across North America, and our commitment to ensuring all dogs lead healthy and happy lives."

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