Showing Your Dog You Love Him This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to shower the ones you love most with gifts, and who’s more beloved than your four-legged friend?

Your pup may not find flowers exciting or be able to enjoy heart-shaped chocolate, but that doesn’t mean they can’t partake in the Valentine’s Day fun!

Let him shop till he drops.

Just like us two-legged folks, pets love to shop too. While you’ve probably splurged on plenty of toys for him in the past, have you ever let your pup pick out his very own toy? This Valentine’s Day, let him pick out a new stuffed animal or squeaky toy from the aisle of your favorite pet store.

Bake him homemade treats.

Does your furry friend stare at you with puppy dog eyes every time you pull food out of the oven? This February 14th, make him something that’s as delicious as it is safe.

Not sure what to make? Our very own Diana Hall of Camp Bow Wow Burnsville visited the Kare 11 studio and shared her favorite recipe for homemade peanut butter dog treats.

Spend time in a pet-friendly restaurant.

It’s not just hotels and malls that are becoming pet-friendly, some restaurants are as well! Across the country, pet-friendly restaurants are opening their doors and making food for both pets and parents.

Let him enjoy a day at Camp Bow Wow.

Just like it’s important to socialize your dog with humans, they also need to spend time with other pups. Not only do they enjoy romping and rolling with a fellow furry friend, but it helps improve their mental and physical health.

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