Summer Safety Tips All Dog Owners Should Know

From swims in the pool to hikes on a trail, warmer weather often means you can enjoy more fun with your pup. That being said, high temperatures also mean a higher risk for your pup getting sick or injured while out and about.

Keeping Your Dog Safe This Summer

Bring water for your dog on walks and hikes.

Giving Fido a few sips from your water bottle isn’t enough if you’re out on a long walk or run. Whenever you plan on heading outside for more than just a few minutes, bring your pup his own bottle (or a couple bottles) of water and bowl to drink from.

Avoid hot surfaces (like dark pavement).

If you wouldn’t walk across the street barefoot, don’t ask your furry friend to either. It’s easy for us to forget that dark surfaces can easily reach temperatures above 120 degrees Fahrenheit. If they do walk on hot surfaces, they can quickly burn their paws.

Take walks early in the morning and late at night.

Depending on where you live, sometimes dark pavement is unavoidable. If you’re worried about hot streets or sidewalks, take your walks early in the morning or in the late afternoon when the sun is weakest.

Never leave your dog in the car.

Even if the windows are down, even if it’s not that hot out, even if you’ll only be gone for a minute — you should never leave your furry friend alone in the car. Remember, on a 70-degree day, it only takes 10 minutes for your car to reach around 90 degrees.

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