How to Improve Your Hiring Process

When it comes time to grow your company, the only thing more important than hiring people is hiring the right people. When you think about it, the future of your company depends on who you hire — even the hardest working entrepreneur can’t find success without a well-trained, honest, and enthusiastic team behind them.

Make your hiring post honest and detailed.

Dishonest hiring posts do nothing but waste your time, waste the candidate's time, and lead to unhappy employees. When looking for an employee, be honest in your description of their daily tasks, likelihood of advancement, and pay.

Think beyond just skill set.

Did you just leave an interview with an excited, energetic, and passionate candidate, but who’s missing some technical training? Remember, skills can be learned, but a positive mindset can’t.

Read employee reviews online.

Have you noticed that your turn over rate is higher than usual lately? Asking employees to complete honest exit interviews and reading company reviews on sites like Glassdoor are a great way to better understand what your employees love about working at your business and areas you could improve in.

Don’t leave applicants in limbo.

In such a competitive market, it’s not uncommon for strong candidates to be off the market in just a few weeks. Even if you haven’t decided to hire an applicant just yet, you should follow up with them and make it clear that they’re still being considered.

Don’t just sit back and wait for candidates to find you.

You’ve crafted an incredible job post and left it on some of the most popular social media and job searching sites — now what? Rather than waiting days, if not weeks, for people to reach out to you, you should be out looking for qualified candidates on social media and industry-specific sites.

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