Camp Bow Wow’s Erin Askeland Talks Holiday Pet Stress With Times News

Let’s face it, with all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, things that were meant to be merry and bright can sometimes end up more stressful than anticipated. Well, the same holds true when it comes to your pets, but when they’re feeling stressed it’s sometimes not so easy to detect.

Fortunately, Camp Bow Wow’s training and behavioral expert, Erin Askeland, recently sat down with Times News to discuss some important signs that signal your pet might be in distress.

What can trigger pet stress?

Triggers can include anything from tall and shiny foreign objects in the living room (read: Christmas trees) to an overabundance of new faces shuffling in and out for holiday festivities. If you’re worried your pet might be exhibiting peculiar behaviors that signal stress, here are some of the signs that Erin suggests you keep an eye out for:

  • Yawning: In certain contexts, yawning can signal discomfort rather than tiredness. If you notice your pet yawning or licking his lips while being hugged or pet by family members, this can indicate that he’s feeling anxious.
  • Hackling: Have you ever seen the hair along your dog’s back stick straight up? This is called hackling, and it could mean that he’s feeling nervous.
  • Stiff Wagging: Tail wagging typically signifies happiness, but if your pup’s tail is sticking straight up and wagging quickly, he may be feeling stressed.

How can pet parents help?

Erin suggests providing a safe place for your pet to get away from all the action. Perhaps a comfy crate or a separate room where visitors aren’t mingling. It’s also important to remind guests not to overwhelm your pup, especially if he’s already exhibiting signs of stress. Positive reinforcement with treats and plenty of exercise can also be very beneficial.

If your pet has a particularly hard time dealing with the holidays, it may be best to remove him from the house entirely. Cue Camp Bow Wow! As the leading pet care provider and boarding center in North America, our franchise owners have the privilege of spending the holidays with plenty of fun-loving furry friends. Not only that, but we’re also able to offer pet parents a guilt-free opportunity to have a happy holiday, without worrying about stressing out Fido.

Would you like to set up Camp and provide pet parents in your area with a safe, stress-free place to bring their pups during future holiday seasons? If so, fill out the form below or contact us at (870) 600-2713 to request your free executive summary.

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