The 7 Most Dog-Friendly Places in America

As avid dog lovers, we’re always looking for opportunities to expand into uncharted, dog-friendly territory. For that reason, we did a bit of digging to find some of the most welcoming cities around the nation when it comes to furry friends. Here are the top seven, in no particular order:

1. Denver, CO: No surprise here! The very place we call home is at the top of the list when it comes to fur-friendly states. Not only are dogs celebrated in the Denver area in general, but the pleasant weather year-round makes it ideal for visiting Railyard Dog Park any day.

2. San Francisco, CA: The west coast is the best coast, especially when it comes to dog ownership. The bay area is home to tons of bark-worthy dog parks and dog-friendly eateries — over 170 to be exact!

3. Las Vegas, NV: Sin City isn’t just known for its flashing lights and promise of good fortune. Instead of hitting the casino, how about hitting one of its gorgeous dog parks instead? After all, with less than 15 rainy days per year, a park day is always in session!

4. San Diego, CA: San Fran’s got nothing on this coastal city when it comes to dog-friendly restaurants. In fact, it has more than 185 eateries for both pets and pet parents to enjoy. San Diego also boasts seven dog-friendly shopping areas, so Fido can help you shop the latest treats and trends.

5. Minneapolis, MN: It’s not all about warm weather. In fact, in Minneapolis, dogs and their owners can enjoy exploring outdoors year-round — even in the snow. Winter jackets are a must, but the scenery and walkable, dog-friendly shops are well worth it.

6. Chicago, IL: Ahh, Chi-town — the Windy City. Yet another area on the colder side, but a great place for dog lovers to settle down in and visit nonetheless. Much like Minneapolis, it’s chock full of dog-friendly shopping and eateries — perfect for those casual afternoon strolls.

7. New York, NY: The Big Apple might not be as wide open as some other cities, but it’s certainly walkable and dog-friendly regardless. Plus, there’s always Central Park for Fido to run around! Housing is a little more expensive, but the plus side is that most complexes allow pets with no questions asked.