Love for These February-Born Camps is in the Air

February may be the shortest month in the year, but our love for these Camps knows no end! Warm yourself up with a good tail wag because we’re celebrating five major milestones this month — yip, yip, hooray!

February Camp Birthdays

Happy 2nd Birthday!

May your “terrific” two’s be your best year yet!

  • 2/3 Camp Bow Wow Shreveport

Happy 5th Birthday!

It’s Valentine’s Day and your birthday!? Talk about two great reasons to celebrate!

  • 2/14 Camp Bow Wow West Seneca

Happy 10th Birthday!

You’ve finally reached double-dog-digits! We wish you another (human) decade of success and slobbery kisses!

  • 2/20 Camp Bow Wow Avondale

Happy 11th Birthday!

The tween years have never looked so fetching. Here’s to a day full of joy and play!  

  • 2/8 Camp Bow Wow Lincoln
  • 2/9 Camp Bow Wow McHenry

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