New Year, New Career

Dog Sitting Next to Woman at Laptop

Whether you’ve been in your chosen career for 5 years or 50 years, it’s never too late to start anew. After all, you deserve to love your work.

Unfortunately, finding a job you’re passionate about is often easier said than done. But with the New Year upon us, there’s never been a better time to consider a new career path. Not sure where to start on your journey? Consider the following:

1. Understand what you do well.

All too often, employers talk about areas for improvement, but have you ever stopped to consider the areas you excel in? During your typical day look at the positive feedback, you get from clients and other co-workers to help you better understand where you exceed expectations.

2. Think about what you enjoy doing.

Once you understand where your strengths lie, it’s important to consider whether or not you enjoy what you’re good at. At Camp Bow Wow, we have one major requirement for all franchise owners — you must love dogs!

3. Make a list of your dream jobs.

Without thinking about it for too long, jot down a list of your top four dream jobs — no matter how outlandish they may be. Once they’re down on paper, take a step back and think of realistic jobs that would fall under a similar category. If your dream job is to care for animals, groom dogs, or train dogs, becoming a Camp Bow Wow franchise owner might be the right move for you!

4. Research your new possible career.

Is there sufficient earning potential? Will you have support throughout your venture? How big is the industry you’re joining? What do others in a similar position say about the job? Most of this information can be found online and through networking groups.

To learn more about what it takes to join the Camp Bow Wow Pack and invest in a bright future and a doggone good time, dial (870) 600-2713 or request your free executive summary online.