Deck the Halls For These December Birthdays!

Hang the garland! Trim the tree! While everyone else is anxiously preparing for the most wonderful time of the year, here at Camp Bow Wow, we’re even more excited to celebrate our December Camp birthdays — and boy, are there a lot of them.

Happy 1st Birthday!

Congratulations on a successful first year. May your future be furry and bright!

  • 12/5 – Camp Bow Wow Elmhurst

Happy 3rd Birthday!

December 2014 gifted us a litter of twins in the tri-state area. What a blessing!

  • 12/20 – Camp Bow Wow Morris
  • 12/20 – Camp Bow Wow Philadelphia Northeast

Happy 4th Birthday!

High-four to our Camp in North Carolina, celebrating four years running with the Pack.

  • 12/20 – Camp Bow Wow Matthews

Happy 7th Birthday!

Seven years! You’re 49 in dog years and on your way over the dogpile!

  • 12/22 Camp Bow Wow Middlesex

Happy 8th Birthday!

Double high-four for this Camp, turning eight years old amidst the holiday hoopla!

  • 12/11 Camp Bow Wow Agoura Hills

Happy 9th Birthday!

Only one year of romping around left before hitting double digits — yip, yip hooray!

  • 12/6 – Camp Bow Wow South Windsor
  • 12/17 – Camp Bow Wow Salt Lake City

Happy 10th Birthday!

Ten years of furry hugs and slobbery kisses? Now THAT’S something to bark about!

  • 12/10 – Camp Bow Wow Duluth
  • 12/16 – Camp Bow Wow Denver Lodo
  • 12/28 – Camp Bow Wow Columbia

Happy 11th Birthday!

We’re seeing double! Two doggie day cares are turning eleven this year.

  • 12/18 – Camp Bow Wow Jacksonville
  • 12/20 – Camp Bow Wow Hudsonville

Happy 14th Birthday!

That’s right — Fur-teen years of romping with our furry friends in Colorado Springs.

  • 12/17 – Camp Bow Wow Colorado Springs Central

Happy 17th Birthday!

It’s a big year for Camp Bow Wow, as our very first Camp is turning seventeen.

  • 12/1 – Camp Bow Wow Denver Central

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