Obesity is Becoming a Problem for More and More Pets

Did you know that having a dog makes you healthier? From the joy they bring us to the extra exercise we get when walking them several times a day, pets positively affect every aspect of our health. But can we say we’re always doing the same for them?

Unfortunately, more and more of our pets in the United States are becoming overweight.

Why is Pet Obesity on the Rise?

  • Good intentions gone wrong. It’s so hard to deny your pup scraps of food when they look at you with their big eyes, but giving into their wishes could be a cause of their extra pounds. Frequently sneaking them treats also leads to excessive weight gain.
  • Unhealthy dog food. If you’re feeding your dog the right amount of food, but it’s unhealthy, you could also be doing him a disservice. Unhealthy dog foods that are filled with fat, sugar, and corn syrup can cause your dog to quickly gain weight.
  • Missed veterinary appointments. Just like we humans need to go to the doctor for routine checkups, so does your furry friend. If your dog does start to gain a little bit of weight, a veterinarian will spot it during a checkup and suggest minor changes you can make ASAP. If you wait until something is wrong to take your pooch to the vet, he may have already gained a significant amount of weight (and even worse, that may have been the cause of his health issues).

Weight Loss Tips for Dogs

Though we suggest checking with your veterinarian before implementing any of these lifestyle changes, these are typically habits that can help a dog lose weight:

  • Monitor their diet. Overweight dogs should be eating a diet high in protein and low in carbs. You also have to stay strong and not give into their (adorable) begging. Remember, this is better for them in the long run!
  • Make your dog’s food. The best way to know what your dog is eating? Make his food yourself! This will help you monitor everything he’s putting in his body.
  • Make exercise fun and frequent. A quick walk around the block typically isn’t enough exercise for most dogs. Now that the weather is getting nicer, consider bringing Fido to a dog park or to a new trail that will excite and challenge him.

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