Social Media Tactics for Franchise Success

Perhaps no form of media has changed quite as fast as social media. What began as a simple site for connecting with friends and family, Facebook has evolved into a marketing platform that uniquely connects businesses to its users.


But are you really making the most out of your social media marketing campaign? From algorithm changes to customer reviews, it’s important to keep up-to-date with current social media trends.

Don’t Post for the Sake of Posting

There’s a big difference between posting and marketing on social media. While studies show businesses should post often (between 6 – 10 times a week), you want posts to serve a purpose. Is your post informative, uplifting, entertaining, or current news? If you don’t know why you’re posting, it’s best to revisit the drawing board.

Create Location Pages if You’re a Franchise

The benefit of joining a franchise is that you get nationwide brand awareness. However, location-specific pages are great for showing off your Camp’s achievements, Campers, and staff. It’s also a great place for existing customers to leave reviews that potential customers may use to make their final decision. At Camp Bow Wow, each one of our locations has their own, unique Facebook Page.

Respond to All Reviews

Yes, even the negative ones. Let’s face it, even the most successful company is going to receive a negative review now and then. What really matters is how you handle it. Responding to a review makes people feel as though they were listened to and that their opinion matters.

Promote, Don’t Boost

If you see a post doing particularly well (people are liking, commenting, and sharing), it’s usually a good idea to put some money behind it. While the large blue “Boost Post” button found at the bottom of posts can be enticing, it’s not the best option. Instead, promote posts through Business Manager — it offers more detailed targeting options and allows you to see more detailed analytics.

Take Time to Evaluate Your Campaign

Speaking of analytics, it’s important to actually review them every few months! Are you putting a lot of money behind a post that is not resonating with people? Are you putting very little money behind a post that is receiving lots of engagement? Analytics will tell you the answers to questions like these and help you make informed decisions about your campaign.

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