Kick Off Fall With an October Birthday Celebration!

Dog Laying on Leaves

Don’t let the sleeping pup below fool you — we can’t wait to celebrate our many October Camp babies! From Camps that opened just a few years ago to full-fledged veterans in the industry, we think it’s important to congratulate each and every Camp on another pawsome year.

Happy 3rd Birthday

Keep chasing your dreams, you both have many more fetching years ahead!

  • 10/20/15 – Camp Bow Wow Memphis Balmoral
  • 10/31/15 – Camp Bow Wow San Antonio Stone Oak

Happy 4th Birthday

Twin birthdays means twin pup-cakes for our Camps turning 4!

  • 10/03/14 – Camp Bow Wow Aurora
  • 10/03/14 – Camp Bow Wow Myrtle Beach

Happy 6th Birthday

We think you’ll be getting plenty of high fives and fours from customers and Campers alike on your big day!

  • 10/12/12 – Camp Bow Wow Dallas High Five

Happy 9th Birthday

Sending you both nine rounds of “appaws.” Hard to believe that in just a year, you’ll be celebrating double digits!

  • 10/26/09 – Camp Bow Wow Rockland
  • 10/31/09 – Camp Bow Wow Naples

Happy 10th Birthday

Double digits is an incredible feat (or should we say, paw)! Here’s to another decade of frolicking.

  • 10/10/08 – Camp Bow Wow Boise
  • 10/10/08 – Camp Bow Wow Greensboro
  • 10/17/08 – Camp Bow Wow Bedford Heights
  • 10/25/08 – Camp Bow Wow Tampa South Shore

Happy 11th Birthday

Who else is ready to raise the “ruff” in honor of not one, not two, but three Camps turning the big 1-1.

  • 10/08/07 – Camp Bow Wow Oak Park
  • 10/15/07 – Camp Bow Wow Coppell
  • 10/22/07 – Camp Bow Wow Clarkston

Happy 14th Birthday

Wishing a very yappy birthday to one of our oldest Camps!

  • 10/18/04 – Camp Bow Wow Northglenn

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