Camp Bow Wow Introduces Agility 4 Fun in Select Camps

Dog Agility Course

Walk into the play yard of a select few Camps and you’ll find dogs doing a lot more than just running around. At Camp Bow Wow Naples, dogs are jumping over bars, running through tunnels, and weaving in and out of obstacle courses.

Introducing: Agility 4 Fun

That’s right — agility sessions are one of our latest additions to a select number of Camps! During a typical class, trainers encourage dogs to perform tasks they likely don’t do in a normal play session.

Best of all, Campers are rewarded for their hard work with treats or toys (if they’re on a doggy diet).

The Goal of Agility Sessions

Despite what its name suggests, the goal of agility sessions isn’t to prepare dogs for agility competitions. Rather, the hope is that it will provide Campers with mental stimulation and more unique socialization.

“We’re not strict in the courses,” said certified trainer Shelby Gautheir. Instead of focusing on exactly how Campers are handing the physical obstacles, trainers are more focused on encouraging pups to exercise muscles they don’t normally use and strengthen their coordination.

Naples’ Doggy ABCs

Agility classes are just one of the many unique services the Naples location offers. A few months ago, they created the “Doggy ABCs” program. Currently, “A” stands for “agility,” and “B” and “C” stand for “brain games” and “circuit training.”

At Camp Bow Wow, we’re all about raising dogs to be happy and healthy in every aspect of their life. With a special emphasis on mental and physical training, as well as socialization, we’re proud to say that we #GiveAFetch about every one of our pups!

The pet care industry is growing faster each year, and Camp Bow Wow is right there with it! With pet parents spending more than $60 billion dollars annually on their pets nationwide, the future is bright for current and prospective franchise owners.

If you’re interested in learning more about what it takes to join the Camp Bow Wow Pack and invest in a bright future and doggone good time, dial (870) 600-2713 or request your free executive summary here!