Getting the Most Out of a Franchise Discovery Event a.k.a Join The Pack Day

A discovery event is a day (or several) in which people who are seriously considering joining a franchise can learn more about:

  • What it takes to become a franchise owner.
  • The process of becoming a franchise owner.
  • How the franchise operates.
  • The franchise’s goals, mission statement, and beliefs.

The main goal of a discovery event is to see if you’re a good fit for the franchise and vice versa.

Getting the Most Out of Join The Pack Day

Join The Pack Day is so much more than a class. In order to really understand whether or not this is the franchise for you, you must take an active role in your research.

Don’t Be Afraid to Talk to Others

Ask potential franchisees what they like about this franchise, what they don’t like, why they chose this brand, and if they’re considering any others. You should also ask for the contact information of current franchise owners. Once the event is over, we encourage you to reach out to them and ask questions!

Come With Questions

You will be in the same room as the President, Vice Presidents, and other team members of a company you may soon join. While you want to get to know them on a personal level, it’s important to also have questions about the business ready to ask. How they answer will give you phenomenal insight into how well the business is currently being run and how reachable they’ll be in the future if you decide to become a franchise owners.

Take Notes

While this is certainly a time for mingling with others, there’s also going to be plenty of information going around. Dates, best practices, and necessary paperwork are all things you want to jot down.