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Deck the Halls for These December Camp Birthdays!

Deck the Halls for These December Camp Birthdays!

From Thanksgiving to Christmas and Hanukkah, parties are a staple of the holiday season. But around here, we’re celebrating for a few other reasons — we have 15 Camps celebrating their birthday! No matter how busy we get with work, decorating, volunteering, and gift buying, there’s always time to celebrate these Camps making it one more rotation around the sun.

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Time to raise two paws in the air like we just don’t care for our new two-year-old!

  • 12/5 Camp Bow Wow Elmhurst

Happy 4th Birthday!

Is that a litter of twins we see!? What are you doing now that you’re official “one whole paw?”

  • 12/20 Camp Bow Wow Morris
  • 12/20 Camp Bow Wow Philadelphia NE

Happy 5th Birthday!

A paw-some high five to you!

  • 12/20 Camp Bow Wow Matthews

Happy 8th Birthday!

You know what they say — eight is great! Congrats for making it this far and we wish you many more to come!

  • 12/22 Camo Bow Wow Middlesex

Happy 9th Birthday!

Nine lives may be cool, but nine years are cooler!

  • 12/11 Camp Bow Wow Agoura Hills

Happy 10th Birthday!

Bones all around for our two Camps reaching double digits this year.

  • 12/6 Camp Bow Wow South Windsor
  • 12/17 Camp Bow Wow Salt Lake City

Happy 11th Birthday!

Three camps reaching the big 1-1? Bow-wow-WOW!

  • 12/10 Camp Bow Wow Duluth
  • 12/16 Camp Bow Wow Denver Lodo
  • 12/28 Camp Bow Wow Columbia, SC

Happy 12th Birthday!

Two 12th birthdays in the ‘ville’s? Talk about having double the reasons to howl with excitement!

  • 12/18 Camp Bow Wow Jacksonville
  • 12/20 Camp Bow Wow Hudsonville

Happy 15th Birthday!

Your collar may say 15 years but you make running with the best of them look easy!

  • 12/17 Camp Bow Wow Colorado Springs Central

Happy 18th Birthday!

You may have just become an adult in human years, but you’re a seasoned pro in dog years.

  • 12/1 Camp Bow Wow Denver Central