September Bow Wow Birthday Celebration!

It’s that time of month again to celebrate the birthdays of our loyal pup Camps across the nation! When you’re a part of The Pack, the milestones you achieve are indeed very special! Let’s take a look below and see who is celebrating their time of the year with us in September!

Corgi running through grass

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Second is the best! Keep chasing those bigger years as they get closer!

  • 9/18 Camp Bow Wow Katy

Happy 7th Birthday!

7 years is almost 50 in dog years — truly a milestone worth wagging over!

  • 9/30 Camp Bow Wow Waukesha

Happy 8th Birthday!

Romping around for your 8th! Sin City celebration!

  • 9/17 Camp Bow Wow Las Vegas

Happy 10th Birthday!

A whole decade of bones and good behavior — you deserve the praise!

  • 9/26 Camp Bow Wow Parker
  • 9/20 Camp Bow Wow Elmwood Park
  • 9/13 Camp Bow Wow Pittsburgh South

Happy 11th Birthday!

We’re pouncing with joy over this milestone! Here’s to many more!

  • 9/25 Camp Bow Wow Burnsville

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