Is it Fun to Own a Camp?

The easy answer? You betcha! As a Camp owner, you get to spend your days playing with tons of furry friends and interacting with dog lovers just like you — both pet parents and Camp counselors, alike.

Don’t get us wrong, while it’s certainly a fun, one-of-a-kind business opportunity, just like running any other business there’s also a lot of hard work involved. The difference though is that your hard work is evident in the relieved and smiling faces of pets and their parents every day. We’d say that’s as close to instant gratification as you can get in the business world!

Here’s what Tami Sarra, a current franchisee and Camp owner at Camp Bow Wow of South Windsorin Connecticut had to say about her experience joining the Pack:

“With Camp, I don’t feel like I work at all because I love it. I don’t think you can put words to it. I literally walk into it and there are 99 dogs and it’s loud and crazy and I just love it. I got married just about a year ago and now I have six kids between his kids and mine, and I come here to relax. I’m not in the yards; I help customers as they roll in, but you’ve got to work on your business, not in it. That balance is perfect. I can always go in there and play with the dogs if I want to.”

Michele Bryson, owner of Camp Bow Wow of Cherry Hill, New Jersey had her own kind words of encouragement to share as well:

“I love this business. I’ve owned a business before, so this was the next right step. I love the clients and dealing with the dogs. I love the freedom. I can’t say we have a lot of free time, but with franchising, we have a lot of people there to help us, and because we run our own business, we get to make our own decisions about our facility. We broke even in nine months.”

At Camp Bow Wow, we believe in working hard, and romping harder! We encourage a happy balance of work and play for all of our franchisees, and help to lighten their load by providing ongoing corporate support as it relates to site selection and construction, the overall business model, employees and management training, and brand marketing — to name a few.

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