How to Stop a Dog From Jumping

Dogs are easily excitable. They love to meet new people and make new friends — but sometimes they can’t contain their enthusiasm, which can lead to jumping. Not only can this be uncomfortable for people around them, but it can also be quite dangerous.

This is a scenario that Patty Spitler, of WISH-TV’s Pet Pals TV, knows all too well. Fortunately, she and her dog-sitter, Rita Rose, popped in with Mike Underwood of Camp Bow Wow Lawrence for some tips to help keep her large dog, Stewie, from jumping up on Rita whenever she comes to the house.

“Our reaction is that we say ‘no’ and push them away,” said Mike. “But the reality is when we say no and push them away we’re giving them exactly what they want. We’re giving them the attention.”

4 Tips to Stop Dogs From Jumping For Good

1. Refrain from petting or talking to a jumping pup. Your best bet is to ignore a jumping dog all together until he calms down.
2. Hold your arms crossed and look away. This sends a signal that you are “closed” and not looking to play.
3. Reward the dog after he calms down. Once he stops jumping and is submissive, you can go ahead and give him a big old belly rub or a treat — or both!
4. Keep it up — consistency is key. Continue to do what you’ve been doing until you see results, and if your dog starts to jump again, go back and start all over.

Don’t give into their excitement. Dogs jump for attention, so when you ignore a jumpy pup, you’re telling him that he won’t get the affection he’s looking for by jumping. Over time it will get better and he won’t demand attention immediately, knowing that he’ll get it later on. Remember that size doesn’t matter. Little dogs who jump can be dangerous too, especially when it comes to children.

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