Doing Things Differently – Camp Bow Wow Culture

Life At Camp Bow Wow Headquarters

When we say we love dogs, we really mean it. Because of that, we couldn’t stand to be without them during the work week, which is why they usually join us! At our “houndquarters” in Denver, Colorado, employees are welcome to bring their furry friends to work with them!

Just like our Campers and franchise owners, we work hard and play hard. A day never goes by that we’re not playing with pups or smiling because of them. But that’s not to say that we don’t put in the hours to make Camp Bow Wow the best it can be.

Who Makes a Good Camp Bow Wow Franchisee?

1. Someone who loves dogs.

This should be an easy one to guess — franchisees need to have a love for dogs! Sure, franchisees are responsible for organizing more big picture operations, but that’s not to say that they don’t also get involved in the day-to-day operations of a Camp.

2. Someone who works well with others.

Franchisees typically manage a staff of 20 people and interact with hundreds (if not thousands) of pet parents. For that reason, it’s important that their love for other people matches their love for dogs.

3. Someone who is not afraid of hard work.

Especially at the beginning of your Camp Bow Wow journey, it’s important that franchisees work hard to find the perfect location, hire qualified staff, and lead a successful business.