Camp Bow Wow Smyrna Featured on News Channel 5 Network!

Sticking along with the summer theme, Camp Bow Wow Smyrna’s own Shellie Vogler and Courtney Skiver spoke with News Channel 5 Network to discuss ways to keep pets cool during the summer heat.

Where there’s sunshine and blue skies, there’s also a significant increase in temperature. While it may be nice to enjoy the summer sun, it may not be too comfortable for your furry friend — imagine wearing a winter jacket on the beach. Although the heat battle may seem im-paws-ible to resolve, it’s actually quite simple to help your fur baby stay cool!

Here’s what Shellie suggests:

  • Limit the amount of time your pooch spends outdoors.
  • Always have some water on hand.
  • Let your fur baby go for a swim (with supervision) in a kiddie pool.

In addition to these cooling methods provided by Shellie, it’s always important to keep your paw-some pal in your sight to monitor signs of possible heat stroke. If you’re not sure what to look for, Courtney has you covered.

Visible signs of heat stroke, from Courtney:

  • Look for excessive panting.
  • If they’re tuning you out and not listening.
  • Suddenly Fido becomes overly anxious.

As a Camp Bow Wow franchise owner, you’ll be a pro at using these cooling methods and more, to keep your furry campers comfortable and safe this summer.