Camp Bow Wow is Proud to Party With Our June Babies!

Summer is right around the corner, and while we have some pawesome Camps opening this season, we can’t forget about all those that have been with us along the way as well! That being said, we wanted to take a moment to celebrate our June babies, and all that they’ve accomplished in their time as a part of the Pack.

Dog Celebrating Birthday

Happy 1st Birthday!

You’re growing up! Congratulations on a year of tail wagging-success, and your bright future ahead.

  • 6/17 Camp Bow Wow McKinney
  • 6/28 Camp Bow Wow Mid City

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Two years old means two years of puppy love at this Camp! Keep up the pawesome work!

  • 6/12 Camp Bow Wow Lawrence

Happy 5th Birthday!

Five years and counting! Keep romping around and chasing those dreams.

  • 6/15 Camp Bow Wow Bixby

Happy 6th Birthday!

Six years of Camp life has come and gone, and we’d say that deserves a round of appaws.

  • 6/9 Camp Bow Wow Ann Arbor

Happy 10th Birthday!

A decade in Camp years is 70 in dog years — and how wonderfully these three Camps have aged!

  • 6/12 Camp Bow Wow Lawrenceville
  • 6/25 Camp Bow Wow Halifax
  • 6/27 Camp Bow Wow Tri Valley

Happy 12th Birthday!

Last but not least, let’s put our paws together for this month’s oldest Camp, turning 12!

  • 6/27 Camp Bow Wow Bridgewater

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