Camp Bow Wow Featured in Franchise Update Magazine

Extra, extra, read all about it! Franchise Update’s 2017 Q1 issue is hot off the press and Camp Bow Wow managed to steal a piece of the spotlight.

This quarter, Franchise Update’s “Challenge the Pros” column posed the question: What are the keys to building, training, and retaining a great sales and development team at your brand? Camp Bow Wow was invited to share our thoughts and strategy, so we enlisted our very own VP of Development, Renuka Salinger, to take the lead:

“In my experience, the key to building, training, and retaining a great sales team (or any team) is support and accountability as a manager and team member.”

Renuka went on to explain the Camp Bow Wow hiring philosophy, and how we strive to hire and retain top talent across all franchise departments. As such, we’ve found that we hire a variety of team members with different roles, responsibilities and personalities. Renuka explained how important it is to be open to implementing an array of management styles in order to cater to the needs of each individual to boost retention and employee satisfaction in the workplace.

“People and teams have varying work styles and needs, so as a manager you must be able to adjust your style if needed to produce the best results. I take a holistic approach. If you don’t take care of your team you may still produce results, but you may not have high engagement and employee satisfaction.”

Studies have shown that employees “don’t leave jobs, they leave managers.” That being said, the best way to keep quality workers and continue to build upon your franchise team is to treat those employees fairly and remember to make them feel special and appreciated at all times. Remember, even the smallest gesture of recognition for a job well done goes a long way!

Aside from that, it’s important to keep lines of communication and education open at all times. Making sure your sales team is knowledgeable about available markets, company goals and policies is an important first step, but that information needs to come full-circle company wide.

“Our franchise team spends a lot of time cross-training and collaborating with every team in the company to make sure we are always up to date on everything related to our brand. We also spend significant time researching, learning, and executing best practices in the sales process, sales psychology, and current franchise laws and trends.”

View the full feature in the article on page 50 of the Q1 issue of Franchise Update!