8 Simple Things That Make Dogs Happy

Dogs are man’s best friend, meaning they share a lot of love and happiness with their pet parents and the dog lovers around them. Don’t you think it’s about time we figured out how to reciprocate some of that love and happiness, too? As a Camp owner, you’re in a unique position to do just that for all the furry friends in your area — starting with these eight doggy delights.

8 Easy Ways to Get Those Tails Wagging

1. Regular Exercise – From small to large, dogs like to run, jump, play and dig as much as possible! Even the most laid-back pup needs time to romp and stimulate their mind and body. This is especially true since most dogs now live indoors at home.

2. Space to Rest – As much as dogs love to have fun, they need some quiet time to relax and unwind, too. Our well-thought-out doggy day care and overnight stays allow for dogs to have private rooms where they can rest for a moment or an entire evening.

3. Furry Friends – It’s important for dogs to spend time playing and interacting with each other. This gives them both the mental and social stimulation they need in a supervised indoor or outdoor environment.

4. Some TLC – Every dog wants personalized attention in the form of comforting care. At doggy day care, each Camper is given the attention they crave by staff in a safe and controlled environment.

5. Treats – If we’re being honest, who doesn’t wag their tail over a delicious treat? No matter the flavor, a treat gives a dog a rewarding reminder of how much they’re loved.

6. Toys – Dogs love to play with all types of toys. From balls that bounce, sticks that crunch, and ropes that can be tugged, to anything squeaky; toys are a guaranteed way to keep a dog mentally sharp and physically active when he’s at home away from Camp.

7. Good Grooming – It may not seem as obvious as the other points, but dogs do enjoy regular grooming. Even if the soak and soap part isn’t their favorite, dogs appreciate being clean and having trimmed nails. This is not only essential for their happiness but their health as well.

8. Excitement – Overall, the key to keeping a dog happy is excitement! Dogs like to have fun and be stimulated. Excitement can mean playing in the park, eating a tasty meal, or romping at Camp. A dog that is excited will be a happy and loyal companion for years to come!

Socialization, play, snacks, and excitement are all part of the average day at doggy day care! You can become a part of making countless dogs happy today by becoming a franchisee and opening a Camp in your local market.

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