6 Fun Ways to Boost Employee Morale at Camp

At Camp Bow Wow, we know that the happiness of our Campers is dependent in-part on the happiness of our Camp Counselors. For that reason, we work with our franchise owners to do everything we can to create a warm, friendly, and most importantly, fun environment around the workplace. So, if you’re a franchise owner looking to motivate your staff, here are a few tactics we suggest you try to boost morale:

1. Plan Camp outings.

Whether that means impromptu happy hours, bowling nights, or trips to volunteer together at local charity events — giving your employees a way to interact and build relationships outside of work is important.

2. Throw a potluck.

Celebrate holidays, birthdays and achievements of all kinds with an organized, in-office potluck. Nothing brings folks together more than food! Just make sure your luncheon is hosted in a secure space, so Campers can’t get into any of your goodies.

3. Host a teambuilding day.

It might sound silly, but spending a day honing doggy day care skills and playing games together can make a world of difference. Depending on the size of your staff, consider hosting 2-3 teambuilding days, that way your Camp is never understaffed, and everyone has the opportunity to participate.

4. Encourage family involvement.

Besides hosting events for your staff, try throwing some events that include their family members in the mix as well. (Furry family members included!) Perhaps a family-friendly BBQ, picnic or a Campout would be fun for the warmer months?

5. Have an annual awards dinner.

The best way to get employees motivated is to recognize a job well done. This works even better when that recognition involves a fancy night out and an award ceremony with all their peers around to celebrate. Throw them a bone — they’ll appreciate the treat!

6. Ask for feedback.

Above all, employees want to know that their opinions are heard and are valued. What better way to show them, than with an open-door policy on feedback? Set up a secure feedback email address, where employees can send suggestions at their leisure. Or maybe you’d prefer a suggestion box front and center in the lobby that pet parents can participate in, too.

As a Camp owner, you have the power to create a unique business environment where both Campers and Counselors can thrive. If you’re interested in making a difference in the lives of all of the above, perhaps marking your own territory is in your future!

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