The Most Common Mistakes Franchisees Make in Their First Month of Operation

Months of training, location scouting, and searching for the perfect employees have all lead to this moment — your grand opening! While this is likely the most exciting time in your professional career, it can also be a nerve-wracking one. Your first few months in businesses will say a lot about you as a leader and the future of your franchise, so it’s important to put your best paw forward!

Just like there are many things you should do during your first month in business, there are also a few things you shouldn’t do:

Ignore Your Training

Remember, the reason why you chose to join a franchise system is because we’ve worked out all the kinks for you. Though there’s, of course, a little wiggle room, seeing as how Camp is unique, we’re usually the ones that know what systems do and don’t work. We want you to be as successful as possible, so we’re not going to steer you in the wrong direction!

Not Take Advantage of Your Support System

Got a question? Odds are, we’ve got an answer! Even though it’s your location, you’re never fully alone in a franchise system. From our executive board and headquarters to other franchisees, you should always be asking questions and trying to learn from others.

Work Too Hard

Finding the right work/life balance is a skill some people haven’t mastered even after being in the workforce for years, but it’s something we encourage among Camp owners. While a newly opened Camp will require more of your time than a Camp that’s been running around for a few years, you’re still entitled to a day off here and there.

Not Appreciate Your Team Enough

You may be the owner, but remember that a lot of other people helped get you to this place. Especially after a grand opening, when things are likely at their most hectic, don’t forget to thank your team for going above and beyond the call of duty by pitching in wherever needed.

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