From Collecting to Analyzing Data, Camp Bow Wow is Advancing Camps Like Never Before

If loving dogs is the first quality every Camp Bow Wow owner needs to have, an understanding of good business practices is probably the second.

While it’s easy to fall in love with a dog, understanding the intricacies that go into a successful business is a bit more complicated. That’s why we took it upon ourselves to analyze more than 670,000 dogs and their pet parents’ transactions from around the country.

What We Learned

“We found that Bella was the most popular dog name and that Biggie was more popular than Tupac, but what we really wanted to do was cut through that to leverage cuteness and find the right metrics to help us drive our business forward,” said Damien D’Emic, vice president of R&D and analytics at Camp Bow Wow.

Necessity Drives Boarding

Camp Bow Wow is mostly driven by two revenue streams — boarding and Dog Day Care. When looking at metrics for boarding, we learned that only one thing drives boarding — necessity. Pet parents rarely want to be away from their furry friends, so the only reason why they would board them is if they had to.

Desire Drives Dog Day Care

On the opposite paw, desire is what encourages people to bring their dogs to Camp Bow Wow’s Dog Day Care. Dog owners don’t want their dog to be left alone during the work week. They want their dogs to socialize with others and to know that their dogs are being cared for and loved.

It’s All About Customer Acquisition and Frequency

In the end, D’Emic said that Camp Bow Wow tried to answer three major questions:

  1. Where do Camps thrive?
  2. How do we sell more baths?
  3. How do we convert boarding customers to Day Camp customers?

“The metric I am most proud of is that we have nearly doubled the annual sales for the average location since we have rolled out our analytics and focused on the right metrics,” D’Emic said.