4 Tips to Help You Decide Where to Set Up Camp

In 2015, Camp Bow Wow welcomed over 200,000 four-legged customers and their parents, for over 3 million dog visits. With all those paws walking in and out of our indoor-outdoor play areas, it’s no surprise that the first item to consider when selecting a location to set up Camp is size. Generally an industrial or retail area with about 4,000 to 7,000 square feet is ideal. But that’s not the only thing you should think about before opening up those doors. Here are four quick tips to help you select the perfect location for your new Camp Bow Wow franchise:

Tip #1: Think outside the local box.

Many new franchise owners think selecting a location close to home is the best course of action, but this may not always be true. Instead of thinking of convenience and familiarity, consider the demographics of an alternative location. For example, a location with an abundance of young families with dogs would be worth a slightly longer commute versus a location that is surrounded by “no pets allowed” apartment complexes.

Tip #2: Consider the potential for repeat customers.

Is the location you’re considering full of hard working pet parents in need of a safe, fun place to drop their fur baby off before work? Is it more closely associated with a younger, college crowd, or known as a retreat for snowbirds who are only around 50% of the time?

Tip #3: Don’t just focus on high income areas.

Sure, targeting an area where demographics show a more affluent population means there’s more purchasing potential, but that doesn’t mean these are the only areas that will meet your business needs. Dig deeper in your research to find out more about the spending habits and pastimes of the area’s population. If you find that many are frequent fliers with pets for example, they’ll surely need a quality doggy day care and boarding center.

Tip #4: Survey the existing competition.

Considering the competition is key before setting out on any business endeavor. Survey the area for existing pet care and boarding facilities so you know what you’re up against. Depending on the situation and the level of loyalty that the current population has to your competitors, you may choose to select a location elsewhere. On the contrary, you may realize that setting up Camp in this location will introduce new services that your competitors don’t already offer.

Camp Bow Wow is the largest pet care franchise in a rapidly growing $60 billion industry, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of territories out there left to claim! In fact, there are hundreds still available across the U.S. just waiting for a dog lover like you to come mark your territory.

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