Camp Bow Wow’s Erin Askeland Lays Out Exercise Safety Tips for Winter on Motherhood Moment

Back before the holidays, our training and behavioral expert, Erin Askeland, was featured on Motherhood Moment to discuss some seasonal pet safety tips. This past month she was back for more!

The holiday season is well in our wake, but we’ve still got the peak of the winter months to battle ahead – and with cold weather comes safety hazards for our furry friends. For pet parents that live in an area where frigid temperatures abound, it’s important not to forgo exercise just because it’s cold. However, it’s equally as important to take safety precautions before letting pets play outside in the snow.

Here’s what Erin, our very own expert, had to say on the subject:

  • Pick up a jacket. You may have heard that a dog’s fur is enough to keep them warm all winter, but this isn’t always the case. Pets with thin or short fur may have a more difficult time keeping warm. The same goes for smaller breeds, like Chihuahuas and Terriers, as well as older dogs.
  • Pull on some boots. No matter a dog’s age or size, a pair of boots is a must, especially if they live in a metropolitan area. Think about all that ice melt that’s scattered all over and imagine stepping on it barefoot. Not only that, but these chemicals can also be deadly if licked and ingested.
  • Keep pets on a leash. It may seem like a good idea to let Fido run amuck in the snow, but it can be dangerous. Freezing temperatures can cause pets to become disoriented and become lost or hurt. If you do want to let a dog run free, make sure he’s closely supervised at all times. At Camp Bow Wow, we keep a close eye on all of our Campers, making playtime and exercise an easy no-brainer for pet parents.
  • Fill up the water and food bowls. It takes more energy for dogs to exercise in winter because they’re also using extra energy to stay warm. That means it can be easier for pets to become lethargic and dehydrated. Erin urges pet parents to pay special attention to water and food bowls throughout the season.

Keeping pets safe and active throughout the year is very important. In fact, fitting in at least one 30-minute walk per day is ideal for most dogs. However, we realize that for some busy pet parents, finding the time to exercise themselves can be difficult, which means finding the time to exercise with their dogs is nearly impossible. That’s where Camp Bow Wow comes in! As a franchise owner, you’ll enjoy providing pet parents with a safe alternative to help give their pups the exercise time they need and deserve!

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