3 Ways You Can Be The Best Franchise Leader

Ever feel as if you march to the beat of your own drum? Here at Camp Bow Wow, our franchise leaders do just that and more when leading their packs to success. Although you may feel you’ve mastered the role of a franchise leader (and we’re sure you have), there are some very important things to always keep in mind when leading your pack:

Way #1: Always Be Involved

No matter what your day may entail in terms of work, always be involved with your Pack when you can — your manager will handle the rest! It’s also paw-some and important to stay up to date with what your staff is up to and how they’re interacting with furry campers and their humans — it’s the most essential attribute on the ladder to be the leader of the pack!

Way #2: Emphasize Teamwork

As the age-old saying goes: “there is no I in team,” — keep the tradition going and never lose sight of this powerful word. When working with your pack, it’s always important to emphasize working as a pack, rather than lone wolves. Always keep in mind that all lines of communication should be clear, open and flowing at all times. By keeping the pack in tact, you’ll all create the most wonderful dog house in the neighborhood!

Way #3: Keep Up the Motivation

When you keep your pack motivated, you’ll all be on the same level of excitement and energy. It’s pertinent to remember that you’re all on this journey together and need to raise each other up! Always point out the good that your team does and reward each of your pack members. Just like your fur baby, your pack members need some encouragement from time-to-time; never stop giving out praise when praise is due.

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