Tips to Keep Your Dog Fresh Between Baths

Regular bathing is part of responsible dog ownership and is important to a dog’s health. Baths can help you identify and changes in skin conditions, alert to hot spots, rashes, or irritation, and detect parasites. It also gives you a chance to run your hands over your dog and discover any new lumps or bumps while inspecting eye, ear, and toenail health.

Frequency of bathing may vary depending on your dog’s coat, skin, activities, and where they spend their time. Between baths, you may consider a few other easy ways to keep your pup smelling fresh and clean.

These are:

  • Using a doggie dry or waterless shampoo and targeting specific parts of the body that are dirty
  • Brushing can help loosen dirt and hair while also spreading a dog’s natural oils on their skin
  • Touch up wipes can help remove some of the dirt on top of your dog’s coat
  • Freshening sprays are just like a doggie cologne and can be lightly spritzed onto your dog’s coat

Make sure you’re using dog-friendly products when keeping your dog clean between baths!

Other ways to keep your dog smelling fresh and clean include:

  • Regular tooth-brushing to help keep plaque at bay
    • Don’t forget to have your dog’s teeth checked out in their annual exam!
  • Wash dog beds, towels, blankets, and toys to minimize odor as these items tend to hold a lot of dirt and grime
  • Give collars and leashes a good wash every month as well: small, mesh laundry bags are a great way to put these items through the wash without getting them tangled