Watermelon Pupsicle + Game

As we enter into the hot month of August, what better way to cool down than with a delicious popsicle? And why should your pup be left out of the fun?! Treat your pup to this sweet watermelon pupsicle to help them cool down on even the hottest of days. You can even create a fun enrichment activity for them with these yummy treats to keep the fun going


  1. Seedless watermelon- If your watermelon has seeds, you will need to take them out before giving the pupsicle to your pup.

  2. A can of unsweetened coconut milk- You won’t need to use the whole can based on how many dogs you have.

  3. A few of your dog’s favorite treats

To Make the Watermelon Pupsicles:

  1. Cut some watermelon (a few chunks are enough!) into cubes.

  2. Remove any seeds from the watermelon.

  3. Put watermelon in the blender with a bit of the coconut milk. Blend together. The consistency should be liquid enough to easily pour the mixture out of the blender.

  4. Pour the mixture into an ice cube tray, popsicle mold, anything that will fit into your freezer to allow the pupsicles to take form in the freezer.

  5. Add a dog treat to the watermelon/coconut milk mixture that will work to act as the “stick” in the pupsicle.

  6. Put into freezer until you’re able to remove the pupsicle in one piece.

  7. Serve to your pup! Or follow the next set of steps to learn a fun enrichment-based activity for your pup with their treat!

How to Play the Pupsicle Game:

  1. Tie a piece of string around the “stick” dog treat part of the pupsicle. Do not cut the string yet.

  2. Find somewhere to attach the other end of the string, such as a tree branch or somewhere sturdy. Your pup should be able to tug and play with the treat without anything tipping over.

  3. Determine how much string you need so your pup can easily reach the dangling treat without having to jump.

  4. Cut and tie this end of the string around your sturdy base. Remember that your pup should be able to interact with the treat without anything tipping over.

  5. Let your pup play with, lick, and eat the dangling pupsicle! Make sure to keep a close eye on your pup so they don’t ingest any of the string.

We hope this tasty snack helped cool your pup down and also provided some fun to both you and your pup! Sometimes it is okay to play with your food!