Tips to Create a Snowman Painting with your Pet

Winter pet crafts are great for gifts for fellow animal-lovers, family, or just for yourself to keep and enjoy. This year, you can help your pet make a fun and festive snowman artwork that is one-of-a-kind and also provides your pet a little bit of enrichment along the way. This craft can be created with many different kinds of pets!

Materials Needed

  • Small canvas or cardstock paper
  • Non-toxic, water-based paints (your choice of colors)
  • Snowman stencil (pre-made or make your own)
    • If you make your own, we recommend making it the same size as your canvas and using cardstock or cardboard (paper works too, but it slips more easily)
    • Simply draw three connected circles in the shape of a snowman and cut around the outside of the circles, leaving a snowman shaped hole in the center of the cardstock
  • Large, Zip lock bag
  • Pet-friendly peanut butter
    • Squeeze cheese, cream cheese, or canned food are also options
  • Spatula

Steps to Create the Snowman Painting

Step 1:

  • Create your snowman stencil and tape onto your canvas.
    • Make sure the stencil is secure!

Step 2:

  • Use the spatula to smear a thin layer of peanut butter (or other spread) on one side of the outside of your zip lock bag.
    • If your chosen spread is runny, you may pop the zip lock bag into the freezer for 5 minutes before moving onto the next step

Step 3:

  • Choose your paint colors and squeeze a small amount of each onto your canvas within the snowman stencil.
    • You may do circles near each other or strips

Step 4:

  • Carefully slide the canvas into the zip lock bag and seal it (be sure to release any excess air from the bag).
    • The zip lock bag will come to rest on top of the paint inside

Step 5:

  • Let your pet start licking the outside of the zip lock bag!
    • As the peanut butter is licked, the paint inside the bag smears on the canvas

Step 6:

  • When your pup is done licking, remove the canvas from the bag and set aside to dry.

Step 7:

  • Use a sharpie to date it and “sign” your pet’s name!


  • Adjust the size of the canvas to accommodate different sized pets’ needs. For example, if you want to craft with your cat, consider a smaller (6”x6”) canvas.
  • You may want to draw or paint on a snowman face, hat, arms, or scarf to complete the look.
  • To anchor the zip lock and canvas, you can use removeable, double-sided Velcro strips on a no-slip rug or mat (attached to the bag and to the mat).
    • You may also hold the bagged canvas up for your pup instead of placing it on the ground
  • Silicone zip lock bags can work as well for repeat activities.

We hope you enjoy creating your Winter Snowman Pet Painting! Feel free to share your pet’s artwork on social media and tag us #campbowwow