Popular Dog Name Meanings

Sure your dog has a name but do you know the meaning behind it? Just for fun, we looked up the most popular dog names from the most recent years and checked out the meanings. places of origin and any other fun tidbits of info. Check it out:

  1. Bella: Often associated with the Italian word bella meaning 'beautiful' (we agree with this 100%, all pups named Bella are *beauties*!) This name is also a very popular short form of Isabella and other names ending in bella. Variants include Izzy and Sabella.
  2. Charlie: Means "free man" and is of old German origin. It derives from the classic name Charles. Charlie is such a friendly name and we've known some amazing doggos name Charlie at Camp!
  3. Lucy: Latin meaning "light". It's also associated with being born at dawn or during daylight hours. At Camp, Lucy's are often sweet and with a tiny bit of sass and we are so here for it.
  4. Cooper: Old English for someone who used to repair wooden vessels such as barrels or buckets. These days, when we hear "Cooper" or "Coop" we only think of little fuzz balls with four legs.
  5. Max: You may already know that it's short for "Maximilian", meaning "the greatest" but did you also know that it's short for Maxwell meaning "great spring"? Either way, we love the name Max for large or small doggos.
  6. Daisy: Daisy comes from the phrase "day's eye," because this flower opens its petals at daybreak (which is a fun fact we never knew about.) In our world Daisys have the kindest smiles and are more often than not down for a good snuggle.
  7. Sadie: A nickname for Sarah (meaning "princess"), made famous by the biblical wife of Abraham, mother of Isaac. Sadie has become a popular name of its own around Camp. We know a bunch of Sadies who are full of sass and fun!

Do you know the meaning behind your dog's name?